Who discovered Hawaii?

raman   December 16, 2011   3 Comments on Who discovered Hawaii?

Hawaii is an island and state located in United States. It is the only U.S. state made up of islands entirely. It is a chain of islands situated within the central Pacific Ocean. It was discovered in 1798 by Captain James Cook, a British explorer and navigator. This discovery opened the gates of the Hawaiian Islands for the American and European explorers and colonists.

Hawaii Discovered  By James Cook

3 thoughts on “Who discovered Hawaii?

  1. kaila

    ummm no the hawaiians discovered hawaii because how you supposed to discover somthing if people were already there.

  2. Pokeguy7777

    Actually, the Hawaiians were always on the islands, thought nothing of them. They were full of solitude. The person who revealed Hawaii to the rest of the world was actually my ancestor! Captain James Cook discovered Hawaii. Believe me or not! The Hawaiians did live there, but James discovered the islands for the world.

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