Who discovered Canada?

The natives were successful in reaching to the land which is now known as Canada from the time, a link was created between Europe and North America. Very little is known about these people as no documentary evidence is available about them, they were the first ones to come to Canada and settle there about ten thousand years ago. Leif Ericcson is generally accepted as the first European to set foot on this land sometime around the year 1000 AD.

The other theory says Jacques Cartier who was a French navigator discovered Canada in 1534 when he navigated his ship to the Western passage. He first named the Gulf of St-Lawrence as “Kanata”. In the Huron-Iroquois language “Kanata” means a village or settlement. He later named the entire region as Canada.

Canada1 Discovered By Leif Ericcson

Canada2 Discovered By Jacques Cartier

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