Who discovered Black Eye Galaxy?

The Black Eye Galaxy is a spiral galaxy of the Coma Berenices constellation. It is also known as Sleeping Beauty Galaxy, Messier 64 and NGC 4826. It was first discovered in March 1779 by English astronomer, Edward Pigott. Later, it was independently discovered by Johann Elert Bode and Charles Messier.

Black Eye Galaxy1 Discovered By Johann Elert Bode

Black Eye Galaxy2 Discovered By Charles Messier.

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  1. marive lucero

    the black eye galaxy is very intersting i love how it has its own special features the blacknes with a lilttle bit like a blue color with the sparkles which i am most postive are stars the black eye galaxy is very different in some ways compared to other galaxy’s i am very intersted in astronmy i am considering it has my caree

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